Is Yelp Forcing Businesses to Pay for a Good Reputation?

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Yelp seems to be using their power as a database to force businesses into an unfair situation where they must pay for positive reviews or risk their reputation. Yelp frequently recruits businesses without their consent, then lets anonymous users fill their pages with positive and negative reviews. When the business tries to take advantage of the site, Yelp’s sales team allegedly asks for money to keep the reviews visible. Those who don’t pay see their positive reviews fall into the “not recommended” category, forever lost to potential...

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Yelp Confirms Sting Operations on Small Business Owners

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Yelp can either be a boon or a problem for small business owners. Those who do not have enough reviews are under pressure to acquire more, but Yelp explicitly bans incentivizing reviews. Some businesses thought they had found a way around this, but Yelp’s CEO has announced the company is actively seeking “reviews for hire” and will punish companies caught using these reviews. Jeremy Stoppleman, CEO of Yelp, has come out in a definitive statement against using fake reviews. His team has developed an algorithm that has undergone massive...

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Yelp Sues firm over Fake Yelp Reviews

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Yelp has sued a law firm in San Diego for posting Fake reviews.  McMillan Law Group in San Diego was the recipient of this lawsuit. The firm think that Yelp sued them in retaliation because they lost another lawsuit they had brought against Yelp for breach of contract in their advertising, which resulted in a $2700 judgment. Yelp claims that the reviews all came from the same IP address. The firm claims that they have never posed fake reviews and the reason the reviews came from the same IP is because they held an office party for their...

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Yelp Reduces the Impact of Publically Posting Food Grades

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Considering that L.A. County started to demand public posting of eating venue marks, the playing field has certainly been exceptionally evened. Various other counties are beginning to do the same, as San Francisco has been releasing health evaluations online since 2007. Apps like ABCEats in New York City make rating info immediately public. A-rated dining establishments along with those with C’s needed to bear all to public surveillance, impacting business procedures in the food field significantly. Reports by Stanford and the University of...

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Yelp Review Writer Sued for Defamation

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If you thought you had the freedom to post a review of a business on sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List, think again. The review you write on these sites could get you in legal trouble.  NPR reported on December 9 that a housing contractor has sued a former client for the information she wrote on a Yelp Review. According to the article, Christopher Dietz sued Jane Perez for $750,000 in defamation charges. What did she write about Dietz? She told the Yelp community that after Dietz’s company was finished with the job at her home, part of...

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So you think your restaurant has a problem on Yelp?

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So you think your restaurant has a problem in Yelp? wait till you read the reviews for Guy’s American Kitchen and bar in NYC.  The restaurant was launched by GUY FIERI, who is famous for his TV show on Food Network. He co0wons 5 restaurants in California. Recently NY Times did a review about this restaurant, rating it poor.  Read the article and you will be horrified to ever go and eat there. Here are some examples of the reviews they got on Yelp: ” I ordered the buffalo fries and they were NASTY!! My friends and I thought the...

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Yelp Mediation Services

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Coming Soon Yelp Mediation Services. We help you remove your negative reviews from Yelp and design a strategy to increase your positive reviews.

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