Yelp Confirms Sting Operations on Small Business Owners

Posted by on Mar 4, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Yelp can either be a boon or a problem for small business owners. Those who do not have enough reviews are under pressure to acquire more, but Yelp explicitly bans incentivizing reviews. Some businesses thought they had found a way around this, but Yelp’s CEO has announced the company is actively seeking “reviews for hire” and will punish companies caught using these reviews.

Jeremy Stoppleman, CEO of Yelp, has come out in a definitive statement against using fake reviews. His team has developed an algorithm that has undergone massive testing since the birth of Yelp. The idea to stop fake reviewers was always baked into the Yelp concept, but consumers and businesses are getting their first glimpses of what that means.

Will online reviews ever regain their integrity? Read the full article at Search Engine Watch.