Yelp Sues firm over Fake Yelp Reviews

Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Yelp has sued a law firm in San Diego for posting Fake reviews.  McMillan Law Group in San Diego was the recipient of this lawsuit. The firm think that Yelp sued them in retaliation because they lost another lawsuit they had brought against Yelp for breach of contract in their advertising, which resulted in a $2700 judgment.
Yelp claims that the reviews all came from the same IP address. The firm claims that they have never posed fake reviews and the reason the reviews came from the same IP is because they held an office party for their clients and asked them post Yelp reviews from the office PC’s.  One of the  firms clients came forward and backed up this story, claiming he was one of the people that posted a review at the party.

A representative of Yelp said their lawsuit against McMillan is “completely separate from the small claims court case, which, as you probably know, the judge overruled in Yelp’s favor. We take an aggressive stance against business owners who are attempting to mislead consumers through fake reviews. This case is about one thing: holding the McMillan Law Group accountable for its attempts to deceive consumers.”

Yelp has sued other companies for fake reviews, including a company called